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Chinese Social Media Digital Marketing FAQ - WeChat

1What is WeChat Official Account Admin Platform?
The WeChat Official Account Admin Platform is a cooperation & promotion service launched for famous persons, government, media and enterprises. Official accounts can promote their brands to billions of WeChat users through this WeChat channel, thus reducing propagation cost, raising brand popularity, and building up more influential brand images.
2Which official account types are included?
Official accounts fall into subscription accounts and service accounts.

Subscription accounts: provide a new information propagation means for media and individuals to build up better communication and management with readers.

Intended audience: individuals, media, enterprises, government, or other organizations.

Service accounts: provide more powerful business service and user management capabilities for enterprises and organizations, to help enterprises quickly implement a brand-new official account service platform.

Intended audience: media, enterprises, government, or other organizations.
3What are the differences between subscription accounts and service accounts?
Official accounts of different types have different functions and permissions
4What is WeChat verification?
WeChat verification intends to guarantee truth and security of official account information on the WeChat Official Account Admin Platform. Currently, WeChat verification is provided for WeChat official service accounts only.
5What are the advantages of WeChat verification?
1) After WeChat verification, more advanced APIs will be obtained to provide users with more valuable personalized services.

2) After WeChat verification, the identifier special for WeChat verification will be visible for users in WeChat.
6Can WeChat accounts within the territory of China listen to overseas official accounts?
WeChat accounts within the territory of China cannot listen to overseas official accounts currently, but overseas WeChat accounts can listen to official accounts within the territory of China.

Melmel Consulting run an influential WeChat account in Melbourne since 2014. We are currently have more than 30k subscribers in our channel. We are one of the fastest growing WeChat account in Melbourne. We maintain over 3500 views in average and over 300 readers that share the post in WeChat moment for each post. We ensure that every post is high quality and this is demonstrated by the steady high rate of reader’s sharing. 

Melmel WeChat’s official account is targeted at the young Chinese population living in Melbourne. Our posts and tweets are promotions of Melbourne; studying in Melbourne, living in Melbourne and travelling in Australia. Our main target audience is oversea students in Melbourne. The topics on our post align with young people’s taste and fresh, engaging information. We aim to deliver what we love in Melbourne and share great information and events.  


Melmel WeChat’s official account currently have more than 30k+ active subscribers in Melbourne.
We achieved excellent results in Luxury, Beauty and Lifestyle.
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